117b – Homework 5

We will skip a week so this does not interfere with midterms. Homework 5 is due Thursday, February 15 at 1pm.

Homework 5

Important update:  The statement of problem 4 may seem a bit ambiguous. That is “a partial function in C” simply means that it is a partial recursive function.


3 Responses to 117b – Homework 5

  1. Jed says:

    Thanks for the consideration!

    Also, I was wondering whether this set is reasonably doable right now, or is it better to wait a few more lecturers so we learn some more about this topic before attempting some of the homework problems.

  2. The homework should be doable right away without any difficulties. Actually, I will be using its results during lecture quite soon.

  3. Sami says:

    The respite is much appreciated. 🙂

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